1. Who is permitted to download material from photo.vienna.info?

Access to and use of the material is granted by the Vienna Tourist Board for the purposes of promoting tourism in Vienna and advertising Vienna as a tourist destination (see Terms of use). Furthermore, you must operate in one of the following fields:

  • Print- and Online-Media for reports on Vienna (newspapers, magazines, but not books)
  • Television and Radio in the course of reports on Vienna
  • Travel agencies and Tour Operators
  • Austrian hotel and gastronomy companies
  • Tour guides
  • Transport Carriers (Train, Bus, Shipping, Airlines, etc.)
  • Congress-, Meeting- and Incentive operators
  • Cooperation partner of WTV with separate authorization

  • The complete Terms of use are available to read here.

    2. How may the material be used?

    The material may be used for a period of one year after downloading. It may be used globally, in an unlimited number of projects, and in all media formats, not exclusively and not for commercial purposes such as

  • the advertising of products, goods, and services which fall outside the fields of operation as defined in point 1,
  • advertising antidemocratic or sexual content,
  • and in association with racism, political parties, NGOs, political content, or in an illegal manner
  • In addition, the material may not be used for printing on objects of any type (e.g., giveaways, merchandising products, souvenirs).

    3. What does it cost to use the material?

    The materials on the database may be used free of charge if you are entitled to use them (see point 1).

    4. How do I download the material?

    Firstly, you must be entitled to access the material (see point 1). Where this applies, click on "Login" and then click the "Register" icon to register. Once your registration is complete, login by entering your email address and password and then download the selected images.

    5. I haven't succeeded in registering.

    Please check that all the mandatory fields have been filled and that password you have chosen meets the guidelines (min. 6 characters).

    If you have previously registered using that email address, then it is not possible to register again. Please use the "Forgotten password" function.

    If you still have problems registering, please contact photo@wien.info

    6. I have not received a confirmation email.

    In principle, the confirmation email is issued immediately after you register. However, delivery of the confirmation email is also dependent on your provider's technical infrastructure and may be therefore be delayed. You should also check whether the email has been intercepted by your spam filter. If you have still not received a confirmation email after one hour, please contact photo@wien.info.

    7. I've forgotten my password.

    If you have forgotten your password, click here to reset your password.

    8. How do I download material (images)?

    In order to download material from the database you must:

  • Be entitled to use the material (see point 1),
  • Register with the database (see point 4),
  • Have logged in using your email address and password.

  • Now you can add images to your shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the image overview or on the "Add to shopping cart" icon in the image detail view. You may add an unlimited number of images to the shopping cart. Once you have finalized the contents of your shopping cart, click on the "Shopping cart" icon on the upper right edge of the screen.

    You will now see the images you have selected and can download them by clicking "Download now".

    9. What is the image resolution after downloading?

    All the images available on the database have a resolution of 300 dpi.

    10. Can the images be edited or resized?

    You are only permitted to make standard alterations to the size of the image (without magnifying details), and may not remove any watermarks; all other image editing is prohibited.

    11. Is a copyright ownership statement required?

    Yes. You must publish copyright details in close proximity to the image in question or in the copyright notice. The information must meet the copyright specifications as published on the photo.vienna.info website, with the details included in the metadata. Unless otherwise instructed on the website, the text should be as follows: "©Vienna Tourist Board / First and last name of the photographer".

    12. Can I use the material for a social media post?

    You may only use the material on social media channels, etc., where the Terms of use for social media guarantee that the material will not be subsequently used for other purposes.

    13. Can I pass the material on to third parties?

    No, passing the material on to third parties is expressly prohibited. You are not permitted to transfer or sublicense the usage rights you have been granted.

    14. Duration of use and contract extension

    In principle, you may use the material for a period of one year from the time of downloading. If you wish to use the images after this period has expired, they must be downloaded again from the database.

    If the material is no longer available, then its use may not be extended.

    15. Withdrawing permission to use copyrighted work

    The Vienna Tourist Board is entitled to immediately withdraw all copyright permissions, without substitution, if the material is used in a manner contrary to the Terms of use. In this instance you are required to cease using the material with immediate effect, to delete or erase all copies, and, when requested by the Vienna Tourist Board, to provide written confirmation that these conditions have been met.

    16. Other questions and information

    If you have any other questions or require information in general, please contact us at: photo@wien.info